When is the best time to lay turf?

We supply turf throughout the year, with the peak times being spring and autumn. Turf can be laid at any time of year, but during dry periods you will need to be able to water your newly laid turf daily. During the winter root growth is slower so establishment takes a little longer.

What size will the turf rolls be?

Our turf is harvested with approximate dimensions of 600mm x 1670mm, covering approximately 1 square metre. Occasionally turf is harvested in square yard rolls, with approximate dimensions of 400mm x 2050mm. Turf lengths occasionally vary due to weather conditions.

Can I collect turf from you?

Yes. There is no minimum order for collection, but please phone first so that we can have your freshly cut turf waiting for you. Please allow at least one days notice for collection. Our yard is open for collections Monday to Friday.

Can I choose which day turf is delivered?

No. We are only able to offer our unique and personal delivery service by grouping orders together within a geographic location. When ordering online please contact us prior to ordering if you have a specific delivery day request to check availability first. You can contact us via email on enquiries@tolleshuntturf.co.uk or phone 01621 860659.

We currently deliver Monday to Friday.

How is turf delivered?

The lorry driver will get as close as possible to your house and then unload the palleted turf onto the kerb. Please make provisions to allow room for the driver to unload and let us know of any potential problems.

How long can I leave turf rolled up?

You should begin to lay turf immediately after delivery. A roll of turf is a living mat of plants that need light as well as water and sunlight to thrive. If turf is left rolled up it will heat up and begin to turn yellow - this happens faster during warm weather.

Why has my turf shrunk?

Newly laid turf will occasionally shrink if it has not been watered enough. To minimise this problem ensure that you water newly laid turf during dry periods every evening with a sprinkler.

When can I walk on my new lawn?

It is best to wait for about three weeks. This will have given the roots the time to knit into the soil below.

When can I begin mowing my new lawn?

Don't be tempted to mow your new lawn until the roots are firmly anchored into the soil below. As with walking on it, it is best to wait at least three weeks.

If you have any unanswered questions about turf please call 01621 860659 or email enquiries@tolleshuntturf.co.uk